Social sector

The social sector, in Tekne’s experience, is characterized in three major sub-sectors: health care, educational and exhibition centers.

The health-care sector is in a strong modernization phase, as for the impetus for the 'humanization' of the building and the services, as for the importance of the diagnostic investigation, and for the differentiation of areas in long staying and in acute phases. This results in the experience of TEKNE great attention to planning and design of structures so that they meet the needs of the moment, but are also easily modified for future adaptations.

The university and school buildings today much more than in the past tied to a real estate logical similar to offices for the use of information technology for teaching, and consequently with network data, floating floors, open floor spaces. Also in this sector TEKNE has developed or co-developed important experience.

The retail centers are in a contrasting evolutionary stage: on one hand the system of internet connection allows to reach more customers with products without making the customers move; on the other hand the retail centers become a meeting place for traders, that apart of the above, look for confirmation or details on the market trend. Therefore, the new exhibition structures arise in connection with the activities that participants and dissemination, not disdaining to position where the congress has offered attractive.

So in this area, TEKNE also helps to think about the functioning of these complexes, which do not have a difficult technical project, but must be built and designed with the strict logic of supply and demand.

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